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Kenneth Wong

Recognized by his fellow classmates in the Strategic Management for a Global Environment course for the spring 2016 semester.

Kenneth visualizes his ideal organization as one that provides tremendous opportunities for personal growth while maintaining a core value of communal improvements through philanthropy.  J.P. Morgan Chase, an organization that fits such criteria, will be his employer startingthe end of July 2016 where he will be working as a financial analyst.  Because of the size of the organization and with the multitude of services it provides, Kenneth will be aiming to move not only vertically within the company, but also horizontally along the different business functions.  This mobility will allow him to learn about the financial services industry from various perspectives and, hopefully, allow him to achieve his personal goals of: (1) purchasing a house with an indoor water slide, (2) purchasing a beach house for his parents, and (3) establishing successful and effective philanthropic initiatives for the community at large.