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Work Smarter... Not Harder!
This trademark began life some 30 years prior at Bell Laboratories with an off-handed remark I made about the bureaucratic process in printing line drawings. The drafting person who was assigned to me at the time liked the statement and crafted a cartoon he felt captured the essence of the saying. Thirty years later and at the urging of my daughter Laura, we have a trademark. The original drawing holds a place of honor in my campus office. My thanks to Marty Shova at Kraft Foods for updating the look of the pooch before I nominated him for stardom.
Skunk Ops
I discovered with this mark that things are never as easy or simple as they appear to be, especially when you are dealing with people who make aircraft that are undetectable to radar. With my knowledge of U.S. Trademark law (very dangerous), I proceeded to "borrow" the Skunk Works mark from the defense contractors at Lockheed Martin. My idea was to recognize the engineers with whom I worked with at Lucent Technologies with a unique and desirable logo for various hush-hush projects. Unfortunately, ideas like this usually come to a screeching halt when one is presented with a certified letter from the attorneys representing Skunk Works. Wishing to keep an aura of secrecy, coolness, and mystique to the program (and preferring not to stamp out license plates for the next 10 years), I chose a military association for operations and settled on the word "Ops."