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Developing, Producing, and Marketing Products and Services - Fall

Marketing is of interest to everyone, whether they are marketing goods, services, properties, persons, places, events, information, ideas, or organizations. This course focuses on key points such as how to analyze the market and competitors, how to develop strategies, and how to deliver and manage effective marketing programs. We will look at current examples of company products and services, their introduction programs to the marketplace, and their current positions. During the semester, you will begin to see that marketing is business and marketing drives everything, that businesses must know where they are headed, that brands define a company's strategy, everything communicates, and that positioning begins and ends with the customer. Most importantly, you will understand that customers value a product that is different, special, or better than anything else available to them. However, unless this product or service meets their needs and creates a desire for them to want the product or service, the customer will not care.

Developing, Producing, and Marketing Products and Services - Spring

"Now why didn't I think of that?" Chances are you did "think of that" but, for whatever reason, were distracted from following through with your idea. So what makes other people or companies different in their pursuit of developing and delivering new product ideas to the market? This course will offer insight into the critical functions that evolve around new product development. Together we will identify key factors associated with successful product and service innovation and understand the approach to building products that redefine markets – or create new ones. You will learn how to identify product opportunities that can lead to market success. From the "fuzzy front end" of the design process to the market launch, you will have a better understanding of the new product design and delivery process that companies employ to meet their ultimate goal: customer value.

Strategic Management - Fall/Spring

This course is about the strategic management process - how strategies are developed and implemented in organizations. It examines senior management’s role in formulating strategy and the role that each of the organization’s managers plays in implementing strategy. This course consists of two essential parts – knowing and doing. The “knowing” part requires you to integrate the knowledge you learned in the various functional areas of business (i.e. marketing, finance, operations, accounting, etc.) and it involves learning concepts and techniques applicable to strategic management. The readings, lectures, and case discussions are designed to help you understand strategic management concepts. The “doing” part of the course involves your participation.

The goal of this course if to increase the student's awareness of the numerous internal and external factors that influence strategic decision making in organizations. This course is highly interactive with partcipation in lectures, readings, presentations, and debates. Students will find the concepts covered in this course are relevant to the business world and to their underwstanding of the organization in which they may be employed.