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"$56,780* a year can only get you so much" (Actual student survey responses)

*Student tuition and fees for one academic year)

The professor never first asked my permission to call on me in class.

i do not like that the professor just randomly singles people out without their concent the random calling out of people.

Sometimes it isn't crystal clear what kind of answer the professor is looking for and by puting students on the spot may no be the best method.

I don't enjoy all the group assignments because it is hard to schedule meetings especially when there are tuesday assignments because there are only two days till it's due.

The thing that I like least about this class is that we have so many assignments due back to back and it's not always easy to get everything done while including everyone in your group at the same time due to conflicting schedules.

The one thing that I dislike is having all this work all at once. With this lego project, it's rather difficult to work on it and have a midterm and have a memo due when you have other classes and it's rather difficult to meet.

The thing I least like about class is the lack of time given for some assignments. For example, there is a memo and midterm due Thrusday and a project due Tuesday. That's a lot of work due in 2 consecutive class days.

What I like least is being called on when I'm not paying attention.

The tests were just terrible. They were filled with random marketing vocabulary that I doubt someone who does marketing for a corporation would even know.

I feel that marketing is not as important a subject as accounting or economics.

It is interesting and fun, but I can't help but feel that an employee should be able to market a product without having had this course.

My least favorite part of this marketing class is the short term notice regarding assignments. I understand the reasoning behind it (because that is the way the real world works) but it makes it very difficult for a student who is taking five other classes each semester.

The impromptu assignments are tough because we have very busy schedules as is, and giving just two days to get an entire group together is very hard. whether or not the real world is like that, this is school - not the real world, and that is DEFINITELY not taken into account.


But, some students get it.

Hi, Professor Thanks a lot for your advice! I have to seriously think about my uniqueness and what values I can add to the organizations that I would like to work for. I think asking the suggested questions at the end show that the interviewee is enthusiastic and confident. Before, I always thought that it's about the companies desire to know more about the candidates. But now, Professor's words really ring a bell! We are also interviewing them. I will be less nervous by thinking this way. Your documents are very useful. I will develop my cover letter and resume based on those references. Thank you very much for your help and support!

Hi Professor, I just wanted to thank you for a great semester. B2B has been the most enjoyable class for me at Lehigh so far, and most of the credit goes towards your teaching style. Your interactive style and focus on non-textbook elements really gave me a new found interest towards marketing. Ironically, the positive, laid-back atmosphere of the class motivated me to perform at the highest level. I hope other professors can learn and adapt to your ability to truly TEACH.

Prof. Kuchta, Yesterday I began my summer internship with Morrison & Foerster, LLP in New York City. By this morning, after an orientation, tour, and video tape viewing session all related to servicing the client in every capacity at all times, it is already very clear to me the value of the Marketing of Services course I took with you this spring. Thank you for the real world preparation. Have a pleasant summer.

Professor, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class this semester. In all honesty, it was probably the best class I have had at this school b/c I am finally learning about the things that interest me and the information applicable to "reality". I really appreciate the advice you gave me about job interviewing, as I know it definetly helped me obtain the job I really wanted. I learned a lot in your class and I hope you don't mind in the future if I have questions about "stuff", I could stop by your office and chat.

Prof. Kuchta, I wanted to thank you again for your open door policy. You have a great philosophy of helping your students, even former students. I appreciate all of the guidance that you have given to me during my Lehigh MBA career.